Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thing 12 - LibraryThing and an alternative

I have opted at this time not to join LibraryThing. So far, I have created five new accounts to complete tasks requested in Nebraska Learns 2.0. Based on my history thus far with the other accounts I have created, and my lack of interest in using LibraryThing at this time, I will wait. One feature I do like about LibraryThing and can use without joining is the Local tab. For example, you can see upcoming book-related events in Lincoln.

One reason why I'm not joining LibraryThing is that I've got a substitute. I'm on Facebook, and I use weRead, or Books iRead. I can share my picks with my friends and family that are on Facebook, and I receive updates when they've added to their collection. This alternative suffices for now.

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