Friday, December 19, 2008

Thing 13 - I'm all a-Twitter

Yep, Twitter is an interesting creature. Because a fellow NELearns2.0-er mentioned they know of the parents of a co-founder of Twitter, it made the joining a bit more interesting. I wasn't even going to join up. I was going to say, oh, how nice, but I'm on Facebook, and I submit updates regularly there, and people I know and love receive those updates randomly, and that's good enough for me. I also was going to say, you know, this is a rabbit hole, and I'm not sure I want to go down it, because, as enjoyable as it is to dig and browse and read and find, it is time consuming and will start to take a chunk of my time that I had previously designated to grooming my rabbits, or cross-stitching next year's Christmas gifts, or something like that. But then I decided to look up Evan Williams, a Twitter co-founder, a real person who helped create this technological wunderkind. And I felt inclined to respond to a tweet he had posted. And then I was hooked. So, now, I'm on it. We'll see how I fare, how often I access it, or how I will find ways for it to access me, on my cell phone or on my desktop. So, this is me on Twitter. Give me a "follow" if you're so inclined.

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Beverly said...

So do you find yourself using twitter? Have you tried using it with your phone? I'm curious about that. So far I really don't see much use for it.