Monday, December 29, 2008

Thing 14: Social Bookmarking

This was an interesting assignment for me. I created a delicious account on or about July 15th of this year. I used it mainly to keep track of work-related sites that I found interesting or used for reference. It came in handy because I used between 4 and 6 different computers on any given day. And I did discover new sites by browsing others' profiles and their lists.

I also used delicious to make available certain tags that I referred to during a presentation this fall.

Hadn't visited my account since October and had a fun time trying to remember my username and password. I finally remembered a site that I had been the first to tag, and was then able to see what my username was, and guess my password (my email address for this account had become defunct).

I tried to add a network badge and a tagroll to this blog, but I don't think they're working, so I've deleted them.

Adding the delicious buttons to the toolbar in my browser is an option, but requires updates that must be done through IT.

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Allana said...

If you don’t want to bother the IT folks you could try using the bookmarklet option. It will add a bookmark to your browser that you can then use to add a site to your delicious account. As long as you can add a bookmark to your browser you should be able to use it. I use and it works well for me. You can find instructions on how to set it up at: