Friday, February 20, 2009

Thing 22 Podcast Discovery

It took me a while to think of a topic to search for. I did start with the NPR website, and I also looked it up in my iGoogle search for gadgets.

On my iGoogle I added the Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! podcast. I also tried to add a learn Spanish podcast, but it was a premium site which I was unwilling to subscribe to.

I went to and looked up the weekly radio broadcast issued by our President. I also found a couple of podcasts to learn Spanish.

I was very unimpressed with PodcastAlley, whose "five featured podcasts" were titles which would be unprofessional of me to repeat here.

As I chose not to join Bloglines, I instead added the RSS feeds in Internet Explorer of Learn Spanish with Coffee Break Spanish (great for beginners!) and Show Time Spanish (better for advanced Spanish-speakers). A sidenote: They are speaking castellano (Castilian Spanish), the dialect you hear from Spain. The Coffee Break Spanish lessons also address dialects and pronunciation from other countries.

I think my new Blackberry phone supports MP3 audio, so my next step will be to see what I can get on my mobile phone.

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