Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thing 19: Web-based apps

Aha. I am now writing in Google Docs. I was relieved to see that I did not need to create yet another account to use the web-based applications available out there. I did visit Zoho, but will pass on that for now. I see Zoho offers polls, and will look at what Google Docs has to offer later.

It's very easy to get sidetracked on the Web. While going through this exercise, I came across a Zoho polls blog that referred me to a blog about Zoho polls (two different things here). Also, along the way, I sought out the Common Craft video Google Docs in Plain English. Couldn't help myself. They're fun to watch.

Google Docs will indeed come in handy when collaborating with individuals outside my work zone. Also a good tool to promote to library patrons who use the computer labs.

(I did come in after bringing this over from Google Docs and clean it up. It had 2 lines between paragraphs, so the html carried over differently than I anticipated)

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